. . .With a Melon?


It is frustrating how Clara Oswald, the companion with the most independence from the Doctor (full time job, own flat, only travels one day a week, etc), is the one people insist is most dependent on the Doctor and has her whole life revolve around him. 


i really want an “i accidentally broke into your house/apartment because my friend lives next door to you and i was in the area, drunk, and i thought i was climbing into the right window and falling asleep on the right couch (and i did wonder when my friend got two cats but i didn’t question it) so now i’m hungover and shirtless in your living room so um hi howya doin” au


i like staying up at unhumanly hours but i also like getting 12 hours of sleep do u see my problem

Am I the only game piece on the board who doesn’t underestimate those denim-wrapped nightmares? 

“Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!”

Ladies don’t start fights, but they can finish them!”


Fried Shrimp Balls


Fried Shrimp Balls


Grown Up Tater-Tots

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

Walt Disney’s The Aristocats (1970).

Walt Disney’s The Aristocats (1970).

“Come on, Groot, do it for the Vine.”


Peter Quill after discovering the Internet. (via patrickat)

"Why would he do it for another vine? He has many vines."

 - Drax, upon hearing this conversation

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